Save Nebraska Children

a project of Nebraskans for founders' values

 With the vulnerable innocence of our children at stake, we encourage you to invest about 45 minutes to become better informed to help you Protect Nebraska Children for future healthy relationships, the primary goal of our organization as summarized by one of our members. Listen to the radio recording and download an associated print copy at . To better understand Planned Parenthood’s goal to mandate K-12 CSE in all schools nationwide, visit and watch the short video at .

Concerned parents, grandparents, God parents, and citizens can contact us for more information. We would appreciate hearing from those whose children were herded through the UNO event we’ve described, or have attended similar offsite events for OPS students.

Given an event name may be misleading (like OPS telling UNO the 10/20 event was a Teen Empowerment Conference), you may need to be a little more discerning in your conversations with your child and other parents. Please email us along with pictures that your children may have taken, to Your anonymity will be honored.

Many parents are getting involved. Though the OPS Board took the Administration’s proposed CSE Standards presentation off their previous agenda intentions for the Monday, Nov. 16th meeting, the OWH reported roughly 300 still attended the meeting. The enclosed picture link shows the majority were Hispanic parents who expressed their unified opposition to OPS’ CSE proposal.

Please sign the ‘No OPS CSE’ petition.

Please then forward this email to your like-minded relationships and post the contents on Facebook and other social media, and then follow-up to see that they received and read.

Even after unveiling this event to senior OPS officials at our meeting with them Monday, November 9th, we have been informed by the OPS Board they intend to implement the Administration’s CSE plan. Thus to STOP CSE, the Board must hear an overwhelming NO CSE from thousands of citizens.

Failure to stop OPS CSE will continue the murky path of similar future events and fuel the NE Dept of Education and NE Unicameral Education Committee’s demonstrated intentions to mandate Planned Parenthood influenced CSE statewide, even in private schools through accreditation control.

Please help us Protect our Nebraska Children for future healthy relationships.

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