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OPS Hearing on perverted CSE curriculum 
1800+ parents, pastors and others were denied an opportunity to speak at the October 20th public "forum". 

UPDATE: LR334 Hearing
Members of the Nebraska State Legislature met on Thursday, September 10th to address LR334 and determine whether or not adopt Comprehensive Sex Education.  We were thrilled to have a full house at the hearing in opposition to CSE.  CSE supporters took up the majority of the two hour hearing (1-3pm) but the chair extended the time to 4pm so the opponents could testify.  There were over 30 of us.  We ran out of time and did not all get to testify but we did all make sure to sign in and left our testimonies with the clerk.  There were only about 20 in attendance who supported CSE everyone else was against it.  All the seats were filled and the crowd spilled out the door and into the hall.  Senator Morfeld posted a picture of the crowd on his Facebook page making it seem like the full house were supporters.  Our signatures prove that is not the case.

Parents in uproar over $75k CSE Grant to Nebraska Department of Education to jump start Planned Parenthood Comprehensive Sex Education using national initiative called WISE (Working to Institutionalize Sex Ed that OPS is following)

Grant partner's link to abortion proponents blurs Nebraska agency's sex ed effort

A sex education effort launched by the Nebraska Board of Education is under scrutiny because of the board’s choice of grant partner.

Some Good News! 
When good people unite for a common cause, good things do happen! Planned Parenthood of the Heartland announced it is dropping its plans to open the new centers in Nebraska and Iowa. 

Are School Libraries Safe?
                Below is just a sampling of stories about parents outraged with kind of sexual explicit books found in their children’s libraries. It’s Perfectly Normal is considered a “coming of age” classic on teaching sex to kids as young as 6. Nebraska schools are not exempt from these graphic books. It is vital that we know what is in our children’s libraries..

Missouri parents outraged over pornographic, pro-abortion sex ed book in school library
Francis Howell School District is facing a backlash for placing "It's Perfectly Normal," a book that includes images of naked people, intercourse, and other pornographic material, in its libraries.

Parents Outraged Over Schoolbooks Graphic Content

A roiling controversy in Arkansas may serve to awaken many parents to the reality of what is found in many public school libraries — explicitly sexual material.

Booked Pulled from Elementary School for Sexual Content

NC Mother wants book removed from high school library
CURRITUCK, N.C. — A North Carolina parent wants a high school library to remove a book about teenage girls and their sexual encounters with a “bad boy.”

Who Should Decide What High School Kids Are Allowed to Read?
When a Delaware school board voted to remove a gay coming-of-age story from a reading list, it raised questions about what limits, if any, should be placed on books recommended for young teenagers. 

Father furious after daughter brings home ’50 Shades of Grey’ style book from middle school library
A North Carolina father is completely furious about his daughter’s recent trip to the library at East Forsyth Middle School. His 12-year-old daughter rented a copy of a novel Real Live Boyfriends from her school’s library. When his daughter showed him an excerpt from the book, he was shocked.

How would you feel if this postcard was a court summons
notifying you that you were being sued because:

__ You declined to do business with some one because of your religious beliefs, or
__ You acted on your conscience and another party did not like your actions?

If LB173 passes into law during this legislative session, lawsuits attacking Nebraska business owners’ freedom of religion and freedom of conscience will soon begin. LB173 is quite similar in wording and intent to a law passed in Washington state in 2009, which forced those with moral or religious objections to participate in the conduct and lifestyle of others expressing their sexual orientation or gender identification.
Learn about the large fines & punitive damages assessed against 72-year old grandmother and florist Barronelle Stutzman, when the state attorney general filed suit against her. For a 5 minute video explaining the facts, visit to find this link


NOW is the time to stop LB173 by mounting a huge wave of opposition at the Judiciary Committee Hearing:
Date: Wednesday, 2-22-17.
Time: Probable start is 3:00 p.m. or later
Location: Legislative Hearing Room #1113 in the Nebraska State Capitol

For more information, opposition talking points, tips to provide effective testimony, etc, please visit or call Mark Bonkiewicz, Exec Dir of NEBRASKANS FOR FOUNDERS’ VALUES, 402-490-8612