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Enclosed herein is an alarming contradiction from Omaha Public Schools (OPS). They have already broken several of their FAQ (frequently asked questions) commitments, including “Planned Parenthood has not been a part of our curriculum in the past nor will it be in the future” and “OPS does not permit the distribution of contraceptives”. These are two of the Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) FAQ commitments Human Growth and Development (HGD) distributed at their Oct 20th Community Forum, in which over 1800 attended but were unable to speak.

        The recording link herein shares the details of an OPS HGD event under OPS’ current curriculum, that an attending OPS student called a ‘Sex Concentration Camp’, held on the UNO campus in late October, just days after the Community Forum and FAQs were distributed. The student said he thought Planned Parenthood sponsored the event given their signage, displays and handouts were plentiful.

        The recording from Monday, Nov. 16th, 2015, is by two NFFV spokespersons, Dr. Louis Safranek and Dave Meyer. It also includes examples of 5 other OPS FAQ commitments from their October 20th Community Forum that have already been broken.

The student’s mother informed us OPS administrators had OPS parents sign a non-descriptive

permission slip, a copy of which is also available at the enclosed link, so their son or daughter could

attend the event. We also have learned there were students from all OPS High Schools, one OPS middle

school, and supposedly some high school students from Bellevue Public Schools in attendance.

The OPS students were primarily high schoolers,  but they were accompanied by children from

McMillan, an OPS Magnet middle-school. Co-ed teams the student said, were apparently pressured to

participate in a co-ed relay race to put a condom on & take a condom off a dildo. We have learned OPS

teacher chaperones were also present.

The student said it appeared Methodist Hospital representatives were present and Methodist also

provided a blue bag imprinted with “the meaning of care” to hold the “goodies“ that all the students

received to take home. Contents of the ‘goodie bag’ included over a dozen condoms, sexual lubricant,

and a dental dam for oral sex. Additionally the student shared attendees received free confidential (no

parent notice) HIV testing, watched a rape video and a condom fitted to a banana demonstration, and

had access to an abortion counselor. One male student upon returning home, told his mother,  “he saw

things there that he cannot unsee, and he wishes he had not seen or heard…”

Enclosed is a picture link of the “goodie bag” contents:

        How could OPS administrators inflict this atrocious act upon our children? We entrust our children to OPS to teach them reading, writing and arithmetic. We do NOT want our values and beliefs torn down or undermined.
        Mind you this occurred under OPS’ current sex ed curriculum. One can imagine what their proposed CSE curriculum will entail, that OPS has stated will expand discussion of masturbation, abortion, contraception and the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer (GLBTQ) homosexual lifestyles.

        This event proves that we cannot trust OPS Administrators.

        NOW is the time to call Superintendent Mark Evans at 402-557-2222 (can also email him at and DEMAND an explanation from him! Then call or email your School Board Member and hold them accountable for this atrocious deed that has occurred on their watch! Please reference the enclosed list of all OPS School locations to cross reference and find the name of your school board member.

Here’s a quick recap of their email addresses: Mrs. Lou Ann Goding <>, Ms. Yolanda R. Williams <>, Mr. Marque A. Snow <>, Mrs. Marian Fey <>, Mr. Justin T. Wayne <>, Mr. Matt Scanlan <>, Mrs. Katie Underwood <>, Ms. Lacey Merica <>, Mr. Anthony V. Vargas <>

        Given our great State spends roughly 45% of our hard earned tax revenue on Public Education, about $3.85 Billion annually, all NE citizens are encouraged to express your opinion.

        With the vulnerable innocence of our children at stake, we encourage you to invest about 45 minutes to become better informed to help you Protect Nebraska Children for future healthy relationships, the primary goal of our organization as summarized by one of our members. Listen to the radio recording and download an associated print copy at . To better understand Planned Parenthood’s goal to mandate K-12 CSE in all schools nationwide, visit and watch the short video at .

        Concerned parents, grandparents, God parents, and citizens can contact us for more information. We would appreciate hearing from those whose children were herded through the UNO event we’ve described, or have attended similar offsite events for OPS students.

        Given an event name may be misleading (like OPS telling UNO the 10/20 event was a Teen Empowerment Conference), you may need to be a little more discerning in your conversations with your child and other parents. Please email us along with pictures that your children may have taken, to Your anonymity will be honored.

        Many parents are getting involved. Though the OPS Board took the Administration’s proposed CSE Standards presentation off their previous agenda intentions for the Monday, Nov. 16th meeting, the OWH reported roughly 300 still attended the meeting. The enclosed picture link shows the majority were Hispanic parents who expressed their unified opposition to OPS’ CSE proposal.

Please sign the ‘No OPS CSE’ petition.


Please then forward this email to your like-minded relationships and post the contents on Facebook and other social media, and then follow-up to see that they received and read.

Even after unveiling this event to senior OPS officials at our meeting with them Monday, November 9th, we have been informed by the OPS Board they intend to implement the Administration’s CSE plan. Thus to STOP CSE, the Board must hear an overwhelming NO CSE from thousands of citizens.


Failure to stop OPS CSE will continue the murky path of similar future events and fuel the NE Dept of Education and NE Unicameral Education Committee’s demonstrated intentions to mandate Planned Parenthood influenced CSE statewide, even in private schools through accreditation control.

Please help us Protect our Nebraska Children for future healthy relationships.

SOS (Sex Out of Schools) SQUAD
        Boys Town, NE 68022

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