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Omaha Public Schools Human Growth Development Classes

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Do NOT let OPS Teach Sex to Your Children 

Some of the quotes were taken from and have been used with

permission of Family Watch International.

• HGD presents sexually explicit content about many forms of sexual activity. It gives the message that ALL

forms of sexual activity are acceptable as long as it’s safe and consensual.

• It encourages children to experiment with many forms of sexual activity; it exposes them to inappropriate

sexual content at an early age in a classroom setting. For all the youth (even for those who are not sexually

active) the teacher demonstrates how to use a condom by putting it over two fingers.

• Children’s health is endangered through increased promiscuity, child pregnancies, STD’s, abortions, gender

confusion, depression, and anxiety.

• There is no room for virtue and values; it does not respect or teach the sacred purpose, beauty, and

responsibility of human sexuality within marriage. Marriage is NOT even mentioned in the curriculum.

• It creates gender confusion in children and youth by encouraging them to explore their gender identity at a

time in life when they are developing their self-identity as a human being.

If you do NOT want OPS Teaching Sex to Your Child.

• Opt-Out Form (English)

• Opt-Out Form (Spanish)

Opt-Out Instruction Sheet (Spanish)

 To understand the risk to your children from Comprehensive Sex Education

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Click here for a sample of the actual content of the Sex Ed Health Classes at OPS 

Ejemplos del Contenido de Clase de Salud y Educación Sexual en OPS (Spanish)


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